With EDEA for the water quality

The demands and challenges of the new drinking water legislation were put on the “agenda” of the gala event for World Water Day 2024 organized by EDEA, in collaboration with DEYA Chania, in the context of the 33rd General Assembly of EDEA in Chania.

The head of the Water Treatment Plant Laboratory Department of EYATH, Dr. Nicoletta Xanthopoulou, presented the framework of the current, new legislation, the requirements it raises and especially the issues that arise for the management of these requirements by the country’s water supply agencies, both in analytical as well as economical level. As the main points of the new legislation, Mrs. Xanthopoulou pointed out the assessment of the leakage levels of the networks across Europe, the assessment and risk management at the catchment level, in the water supply systems and in the domestic distribution systems, the materials and chemicals that come into contact with drinking water, the quality of water for human consumption and access for all to water, as well as information on water quality and price. She concluded by presenting the work carried out in the ENETH laboratory in relation to the aforementioned points.

The EDEYA evening was attended by renowned scientists and mainly professors from the country’s university institutions dealing with the management of water resources. The presentations concerned the timeless relationship of water with peace (the official theme of this year’s celebration by the UN), the connection of the climate crisis with water resources both locally and nationally, as well as issues of cyber security, circular economy and institutional framework for the quality of water for human consumption.

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