We reopen buildings, we renew our water

EYATH gives instructions to consumers for the smooth reopening of internal water supply networks in buildings that have been closed for a long time, as the forthcoming “return to normality” also concerns the piping of our facilities, whose water should be renewed.

In this context, it is recommended that building managers such as schools, shops, health stores, hotels or gyms, in view of or during their “return” to normal operation, leave the taps open for at least two minutes in order to remove the water that has been trapped in internal networks for a long time. Once the water returns to the stable, normal temperature of the running water (we check it with our hand, it must be cool), we can turn off the taps. It is also recommended to flush the toilet flushes in all the sanitary areas of the buildings, in the same logic of the re-circulation of water in the internal network.

EYATH assures about the high quality and safety of the water that reaches its consumers and reminds them that for any relevant information they can call 2310.966.600 (for any damages in 11124). Finally, more general information on useful water quality issues can be found on our website (https://www.eyath.gr/faq/?lang=en).

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