We collect fried oil in 5 points in the city!

“Bring us your fried oil to recycle it!” The president of EYATH today called on the public from the step of the 5th Thessaloniki Municipality Recycling Festival, announcing five “green” points for the recycling of edible oil in EYATH facilities.


“Every year we spend thousands of euros on the company blocking sewage networks and pumping stations from used edible oils, which fall unconsciously into sinks and toilets. However, those that are spilled out of the sewage system pollute the aquifer, ”said EYATH President and CEO, Professor Yannis N. Krestenitis. “With this initiative, we want to give the “green” example to the citizens of Thessaloniki by inviting them – along with us – to bring their own used oil to the points we have chosen. We, in collaboration with the company ‘Revive’, deliver them for recycling and more specifically for the production of biodiesel, an environmentally friendly alternative fuel. Water and oil do not match, we all know, but at EYATH we will manage to do that for the sake of recycling, the circular economy, and our sewage system! ”

The invitation to the EYATH president, “to strengthen public taps in Thessaloniki” to reduce the economic and environmental costs of the plastic bottle was addressed by Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy Socrates Famellos. The latter, presenting the new tariff policy on waste management (published today in Government Gazette), reiterated his desire for the recycling festival to take on a full-time experiential park at the TIF.

All cooking oils are recycled (seed oil, kernel oil, etc.). They will be disposed of in the bins of EYATH together with the packaging in which they have been collected, on business days and hours in the following five locations:

– EYATH headquarters, 127,Egnatia St. (Kamara),

– at the offices 98, Tsimiski St. (Diagonos),

– at EYATH branch in Vardaris, 26, 26thOctober St., opposite the court house,

– at the Water Museum,19, 26thOctober St., next to FIX,

– at the company’s premises in Nea Paralia next to the former “Interni”, 6, Alexandrou Ave.

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