We celebrate the Environment in Kalochori!

With… brushes and ecological paints, EYATH will celebrate Environment Day at the “Red Road” in Kalochori, preserving and beautifying this popular environmental route in anticipation of summer, in collaboration with the Deputy Regional Development & Environment of the Central Macedonia Region Echedorou Fysis “.

From 10 am on Sunday, June 5, World Environment Day, EYATH, PKM employees, volunteers and environmental groups will paint the benches, the loggers, maintain the bridges and plant tamarisk trees, of course taking care not to disturb the echo system and especially the area of flamingos. A discreet “light” canopy will be placed in a prominent position at the beginning of the route, at the dam, for the passerbyers to get some rest.

Earlier, on Friday, June 3, in two stands in central parts of Thessaloniki (St. Sophia St. with Tsimiski St. and Aristotelous Sqr. with Mitropoleous St.) information material and symbolic gifts will be distributed in view of this year’s celebration and information will be provided for participation in the volunteer action. The message from the United Nations this year is simple but resounding: we have only one Earth (#OnlyOneEarth, the hashtag of the Day) and we, nevertheless, use the equivalent of 1.6 Earth-like planets to maintain our modern way of life . Ecosystems can not “lift” our needs, while the climate crisis causes extreme weather conditions with human casualties, population movements and losses of trillions! The UN, therefore, calls on each of us individually to play a key role today in changing our attitude as a society towards the environment.

In the same context of the Environment Day, in the next few days EYATH will award the “green” award for the competition of innovation and entrepreneurship organized in collaboration with EESYP and MITEF Greece. The topic was the research for new technologies on the removal of pollutant cargo from raw wastewater at the entrance of the Thessaloniki Wastewater Treatment Plant (EELTH), along with the possibility of its energy utilization, always in the context of the circular economy.

The stands in Agia Sofia and Aristotelous will be set up on Friday, June 3, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.


The “Red Road” in the lagoon of Kalochori. EYATH and volunteers will maintain this popular environmental route in view of summer, in collaboration with the Counter-Region of Development & Environment of the Region of Central Macedonia and the environmental group “Echedorou Fysis”.

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