Water supply upgrade in Oreokastro – Filothei

A significant upgrade in the water supply of Oreokastro and Filothei of the municipality of Pavlos Melas will be the two large water supply projects, with a budget of more than half a million euros, which start today in these two areas.

The first project concerns the construction of a large pressure pipeline, 850m long, for the transfer of water from the main reservoir on Simmachiki St. to the reservoir at “Karidia”, a project which will significantly increase the water supply network of the area. The second project concerns the construction of 3,700m of new pipelines of various diameters, for the transfer of additional water to the water tower of Filothei in the municipality of Pavlos Melas.

“These are two major projects in the municipalities of Oreokastro and Pavlos Melas, which will significantly upgrade the water supply of the specific areas. Especially in the municipality of Oreokastro, where in recent years there were frequent problems concerning long water outages. These projects, which are part of the investment program of EYATH, are implemented within the planned schedule, despite the difficulties arising from the global health crisis. We seek the implementation of our investment program and the projects it includes, overcoming obstacles, in order to upgrade water supply services and save resources and energy “, emphasizes the CEO of EYATH SA, Anthimos Amanatidis.

When the project for the expansion of the Thessaloniki Water Treatment Plant is completed (it will offer an additional 150,000 sq.m. of water per day in the Urban Planning), it has been foreseen that, with these projects, even larger quantities of water can be transferred to more – not served today areas.

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