1. Last paid water receipt.
  2. Solemn Declaration of the owner (validated at KEP or via gog.gr) , for the model click here.
  3. A photo of the water meter.

For companies, the charter and Legal representation.


  1. Last paid water receipt
  2. Ownership title and E9 (or only title deed if you have recently bought the property and E9 has not yet been submitted)
  3. Solemn Declaration( validated in KEP or via gov.gr),where there are thoroughly mentioned the information about the property, the indication of the water meter, in order to do the clearance and the quote “I declare that the property is not inhabited, there is no on going lease and I apply for the termination of the water supply.
  4. Photocopy of ID Card, passport etc.

For companies, the charter and Legal representation.

Notice: If, at the time of concluding the contract, you had paid a guarantee, you must also provide a copy of your bank account for its return (Show IBAN and the Bank clearly. The beneficiary of the account must be the person in charge of the water intake).

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