Up to Agios Athanasios the sewerage network

The central sewerage network of the former Kapodistrian municipality of Agios Athanasios is undertaken, by EYATH SA, satisfying a constant request of the residents, that will improve their quality of life and the environmental balance of the area.

In the relevant contract, which was signed today at the offices of the Municipality of Chalkidona in Koufalia between the managing director of EYATH A. Amanatidis and the president of DEYACH Efstr. Pitiki, in the presence of the mayor of Chalkidona S. Anagnostopoulos, it is specifically provided that EYATH undertakes the operation and maintenance of the central sewerage network, from the collector of the community of Agios Athanasios to the Sewage Treatment Plant of Thessaloniki, in Sindos. The Municipal Water Supply – Sewerage Company of Chalkidona (DEYACH), for its part, will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the sewerage network within the municipal units of the area.

“We are moving on to another major infrastructure project that has been “locked” for more than a decade. The sewerage projects are crucial for the quality of life of the inhabitants, the public health, our aquifer “, pointed out Anthimos Amanatidis. “For us, at EYATH, it is a pleasure to expand our network even further west, we have the experience and infrastructure for this, and we are at the disposal of the Municipality of Chalkidona to contribute to what is needed based on contract we have just signed”, he added.

The mayor of Chalkidona, Stavros Anagnostopoulos, pointed out that “the signing of this agreement is the culmination of a long and constructive cooperation between DEYA Chalkidona and EYATH, which we are sure will continue in the future.”

The signing of the agreement was also attended by the former Deputy Minister of Interior, responsible for Macedonia-Thrace matters, Theodoros Karaoglou, who said: “I am very happy that as Deputy Minister we ‘ran’, in good cooperation with the administration of Chalkidona and the administration of EYATH, a beneficial project for the wider region “.


ag athanasios map
Map of sewerage network connection of the communities of Gefyra, Vathilakkos, Ag. Athanassios, Anchialos and N. Mesimvria of the Municipal Unit of Agios Athanasios (Municipality of Chalkidona) with the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Thessaloniki (EELTH)

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