Two stands for the environment

Providing information on the importance of biodiversity and the environmental implications of COVID-19 in our sewerage networks, EYATH will celebrate this year’s World Environment Day on Friday, June 5th, while taking all health care measures.

In particular, in two stands that will be set up in central parts of the city (in Agia Sophia St. – Tsimiski St. and Kamara), the passers-by will be informed about the topic of this year’s World Environment Day, which is biodiversity, which is affected by reckless anthropogenic activity (deforestation, intensification of agricultural cultivation, pollution). More species than ever are now in danger of extinction, wildlife structures have been disrupted, with tragic consequences, even the spread of pathogens between animals and humans, as in the case of the pandemic and COVID-19.

During the days of the pandemic, however, a new “threat” emerges for the environment: the uncontrolled dumping of personal hygiene items. Gloves, masks, antiseptic wet wipes that are discarded in the toilet bowl or at sea, do not disintegrate and, in combination with fats and oils, can cause blockages in pipes, pumping stations and sewers and of course pollute our marine environment.

Finally, at the stands will be shared information on World Water Day (March 22nd), which was also about the environment, climate change, and was not celebrated due to restrictive measures, as well as gifts from recyclable materials.

We are waiting for you from 10 in the morning until 2 p.m.


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