Two stands for the Environment

There were watering instructions, transplant ideas, a “well done to the UN” and grateful words for the EYATH settlement program, at the company’s current action in central parts of Thessaloniki, on the occasion of this year’s celebration of World Environment Day (June 5, 2021).

Pots with organic soil and seeds “Do not forget me”, bookmarks with pine seeds, but also information material on how we can easily and practically “green” our lives, were shared under Kamara and on the pedestrian street of Agia Sofia St., always with health protection measures. “Our action today, one day before the international celebration, is a symbolic call to our fellow citizens to take the environment into our own hands, individually and collectively, to reduce the effects of climate change. A tree above the urban fabric, a flowerpot above our balcony can make a difference “, pointed out the CEO of EYATH SA, Anthimos Amanatidis, visiting the stand in Kamara.

“Of course, we, as the management of EYATH that manages critical infrastructure, ‘respond’ with major projects to climate change, with a series of energy, environmental interventions in our facilities, which will reduce our carbon footprint by 50% in the coming years. It is our obligation, for the benefit of society and the next generations “, added Mr. Amanatidis.

Tomorrow, at 11 a.m., the EYATH administration will be guided to the ecological, completely environmentally friendly house of the Lighthouse of the World in Dendropotamos, together with the Deputy Minister of Interior (Macedonia – Thrace). The preparation for the experiential garden designed with the support of the Board of EYATH, the bioclimatic construction of the house, the natural fertilizer made from inedible fruits and vegetables of the Vegetable Market, all that Fr. Athenagoras calls “great school of Nature”, will have their honorary tomorrow, Environment Day.

In the first photo, the managing director with the general director of EYATH, N. Theodoridou (to his left), and Maria Petala, member of the Board of EYATH (right), at the stand of Kamara.

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