Two new members to the Board of Directors of EYATH

With two new members in the Board of Directors today’s Annual Regular General Assembly of EYATH was completed, at the Thessaloniki Stock Exchange Center, in Katuni.

G.S. approved the proposal of the Board of Directors on the non-distribution of dividends to the company’s shareholders for the year 2022, as – based on the approved annual financial statements – due to the negative results, there are no profits to be distributed. Also, following the resignation from 23/8/2023 of D. Konstantakopoulos, non-executive member of the Board of Directors. of the company and portfolio manager of EESYP for the companies EYDAP, EYATH and TAIPED, and to replace Theodoros Koulouris (his term had expired and was extended until the General Meeting), new independent non-executive members of the Board of Directors were appointed: Ioannis Tsitsopoulos, surveyor engineer, and Ioanna Dovletoglou, lawyer, both with a four-year term. The term of office of the members of the Board of Directors Agi Papadopoulos, Grigoriou Penelis and Nikolaos Kleitos was renewed, while the first two were re-elected to the positions of president and vice-president of EYATH, respectively.

Besides, the term of office of Nikolaos Kleitos, Sofia Ammanatidou and Maria Petalas in the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors was renewed for one year, with the former in the role of chairman.

“The mid-term perspective offered by the energy planning and the routing – completion of all major technical projects of EYATH, provide the guarantees of sustainable development and financial stability of the company”, pointed out the re-elected president of EYATH Agis Papadopoulos, whose term was renewed for another four years. “With our eyes fixed on the serious effects of the climate crisis, we are investing in the creation of financial value for EYATH, value for our local environment, the society of Thessaloniki, our employees and our customers”, concluded the president of the company.

“2022 was a difficult year in terms of financial results, but it was also a year in which we laid the foundations for our new, “green” energy model. The energy crisis significantly increased the prices of electricity while sharpening their volatility. Magical solutions do not exist, however our company implemented a rationalization of energy consumption, with a parallel shift to cheap, “green” electricity and long-term stability in energy costs through the conclusion of PPA contracts. Given that RES are the cheapest power generation technology, thanks to our “green” power supply we estimate that we will gradually return to pre-crisis cost levels, while reducing our carbon footprint”, pointed out the managing director of EYATH, Anthimos Amanatidis, referring to main cause of negative results during the 2022 fiscal year.

At the same time, G.S. approved the annual financial report of EYATH and the consolidated financial statements of the Group, as well as the management reports of the Board of Directors and the independent certified auditor-accountant for the fiscal year 2022 (01.01.2022 – 31.12.2022). It also approved the overall management of the Board of Directors and released the auditors from any responsibility for the deeds of the previous management year. Similarly, it approved the fees and compensations paid to the members of the Board of Directors during the 2022 corporate year (remained stable at the same levels), always in accordance with the company’s remuneration policy and remuneration report. Moreover, it approved the recommendation of the company’s Audit Committee regarding the appointment of an audit firm for the financial year 2023 and approved its remuneration. Finally, leave was given to the members of the Board of Directors and the management executives of the company to participate in boards of directors or in the management of other affiliated companies, in accordance with International Accounting Standard 24.


From the left, the Finance Director of EYATH SA, Dimitris Alexandris, and Agis Papadopoulos and Anthimos Amanatidis at today’s AGM.

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