Transfer of know-how to DEYA Chalkidonos

In the provision of know-how and best practices in the field of water supply and drainage, EYATH agreed with the Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of the Municipality of Chalkidonos, in a recent meeting of the two sides at the town hall in Koufalia.

At the meeting, which was attended by the mayor Stavros Anagnostopoulos, the president of DEYACH Thodoros Petrousis and the general manager of DEYACH Fotis Karambas, from the side of the Municipality of Chalkidonas, it was agreed to undertake joint actions aimed at providing know-how, experience and technical and scientific guidance from EYATH S.A. The aim is to manage the financial and human resources it has in the best possible way, saving time and ensuring a long-term return on investment.

“EVATH S.A. has a long track record in the field of water and wastewater management, with high performance in many operational areas and experienced management staff. We have given examples of the sustainable development policies we follow and our operational actions to reduce our carbon footprint, digitize our operations and rationalize our costs”, noted the managing director of EYATH, Anthimos Amanatidis. “Our cooperation with DEYACH can only be beneficial for the municipal enterprise, after all, our company is a model of best practices in the SE Europe region, with the provision of know-how in the Balkans and Cyprus”, added Mr. Amanatidis.

“We had the pleasure and honor of being visited by the managing director of EYATH, Anthimos Amanatidis, whom we thank for his interest in our region and the operation of DEYA Chalkidonos. We presented him with the problems we are facing and asked for the assistance and support of EYATH, with its experience and know-how, so that we can manage as best as possible the issues of water supply and drainage, which are also the dominant issues of infrastructure in the municipality. We hope that the cooperation we already have so far will continue in the future to an even greater extent”, said the mayor of Chalkidonas, Stavros Anagnostopoulos. The president of DEYACH, Th. Petrousis, spoke about the “need and importance of collaborations, especially with companies that have expertise in the field such as EYATH, in an era of challenges for the sector”.

DEYA Chalkidonos is in the process of developing and optimizing its operations, at the level of network management, facility operation, digitization of processes in a wide range of its activities related to water supply and sewage systems. The aim of the municipal enterprise is to reduce its operating expenses while simultaneously increasing its revenues and, of course, optimizing the services provided to the final consumer.

From the left, the managing director of EYATH, A. Amanatidis, the president of DEΥACH Th. Petrousis and the mayor Chalkidonos S. Anagnostopoulos during the visit to the town hall.