Three “green” actions for the Environment

With three “green” actions, in the center of Thessaloniki, in Dendropotamos and in the research field, EYATH will celebrate this year the World Environment Day, June 5th, 2021.

Specifically, tomorrow Friday, in two stands that will be set up in central parts of the city (in Agia Sofia St. and Tsimiski St., and in Kamara), the citizens will be able to be informed about the topic of this year’s World Environment Day. It is essentially an international call to all to restore our environment and ecosystems, to “catch” the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. A pot and seeds, along with 10 tips for a more “green” daily life, will be the symbolic contribution of EYATH to our fellow citizens in view of the international celebration (the stands will be set up from 10 am until 2 pm).

On Saturday, June 5th, Environment Day, the administration together with the EYATH Deputy Minister of Interior (Macedonia – Thrace), will be guided (at 11 a.m.) by Fr. Athenagoras to the new “green” House of the Lighthouse of the World, in Dendropotamos. The production of food for feeding, the education of the students, the application of new technologies of agricultural production and in general the creation of an experiential garden in the House of  the Lighthouse has begun to be implemented with the full support of the Board of EYATH SA.

In the same context of the international celebration, an innovation and entrepreneurship competition was announced yesterday, on the subject of the commitment of the polluting cargo that enters the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Thessaloniki and, subsequently, the recovery of valuable materials from its treatment. The circular economy and sustainable development follow the logic of this original competition, which reserves cash prizes for the winners (information:

According to the United Nations, even now if we try to restore our environment in a natural way, we can contribute to 1/3 of the change we need by 2030.



WWD2021 1
The photo from the information material that will be distributed tomorrow, with the special certification according to FSC for the protection of our forests.

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