The works in Paraliaki will take place until the end of the year

Works continue in Meg. Alexandrou Aven. for the construction of a 1,330 m sewer collector, which will extend from the EYATH pumping station at the old “Interni” to Edison St. and in October 28 St. east, a “green” project to upgrade the quality of life on the coastal zone of Thessaloniki.

To date, 330 of the 560 m pipeline have been constructed, directed to October 28 St., as well as a series of smaller vertical pipelines, in the area from Edison St. and to the east. The project, when completed, will abolish the operation of three old pumping stations in the coastal zone (at the statue of Alexander the Great, in the old “Interni” and at the Dog Park), upgrading the area and significantly reducing the environmental footprint of the operation of sewerage networks after many years.

As part of the same project, in sections right next to the new pipeline and in the same ditch with it, a rainwater drainage pipeline is being constructed, with a total length of 210 m, in collaboration with the Region of Central Macedonia.

The works in the section on M. Alexandrou Avenue, which make the traffic partially difficult, are expected to be completed by the end of the year or at the beginning of the next year, while the whole project will be completed by May 2022.

It is only a part of a series of important projects to upgrade the sewerage network of Thessaloniki in the coastal zone that extends from the Port to Aggelochori, with a total budget of 4.4 million euros. Especially regarding the projects on the coastal road, through which a large volume of vehicles passes daily, EYATH requests the understanding of the drivers until the completion of the works and the cooperation of all the involved services.


EYATH requests the understanding of the passing drivers for the duration of the sewerage works in M. Alexandrou, as they will environmentally upgrade the coastal front of Thessaloniki

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