The water is absolutely safe

Absolutely safe is the water reaching the taps of Thessaloniki’s citizens, EYATH SA assures, following today’s misleading water quality front-page publication, which deals with the prosecution’s investigation into the emergence of hydrocarbons in Aliakmona’s water last January.

EYATH assures its consumers that:

– Never, and certainly not even during the emergence of hydrocarbons in early January in Aliakmonas water, was the Urban Water Network not fully compliant with the relevant Greek and European legislation. The problem was identified before the water entered the Thessaloniki Water Treatment Plant (EENTH), in tank D2, and all necessary measures were taken to maintain the high quality of water from the EENTH to the city water supply network. However, EYATH had taken action before the installation, installing floating and permanent dams and increasing the supply to the Aliakmona’s canal. The water that came out of the installation and reached the city network was in any case absolutely safe!

– No other occurrence of hydrocarbons has occurred since then. However, EYATH continues with the same intensity and frequency of autopsy and controls, in cooperation with PPC, even more than what is required by law, to ensure that the water meets all legally required parameters.

– The prosecutor’s office was launched with EYATH’s initiative, to identify the source of the pollution. Company executives contributed in it, right away, with depositions and know-how, and co-operated with the Directorate General of Police, the competent services of the Region of Central Macedonia, PPC and the General Organization of Land Improvement in Thessaloniki – Lagada. EYATH is also looking forward to the conclusion of the January 2018 public prosecutor’s inquiry into the source of the pollution.



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