The twin reservoir of Evosmos is being restored

Another big “step” to ensure the uninterrupted water supply of Western Thessaloniki is today’s signing of a contract for the pioneering restoration of the large twin reservoir in Evosmos.

The reservoir, with a capacity of 20,000 m2, which has been decommissioned for about 20 years, will serve the triple objective: to ensure the continuous water supply of the western side of Thessaloniki in case of failure, to reduce unbilled water and to limit the energy footprint of EYATH, as energy will be saved by installing solar panels in the facility.

The two-compartment tank D5, above the ring road in the Municipality of Evosmos, began to be constructed in 1992, when its first, western chamber was completed. In 2001, the second, eastern chamber was also constructed, which however was never put into operation due to the large subsidence and cracks it presented. The used section of the tank was leaking, which, to repair, required the failed twin tank to be brought into service, which would be repaired with sub-foundation, static remediation and waterproofing with a ‘floating’ membrane. Important will also be the energy benefit that solar panels on the roof of the facility will ensure with the method of energy compensation (net metering), something that is foreseen in the next phase.

This project is only part of EYATH’s wider planning for the creation of durable and sustainable infrastructures, always with the aim of improving the quality of life of the people of Thessaloniki.

From the left, the vice-president of EYATH Grigoris Penelis, the general manager Nopi Theodoridou, the managing director of the contracting company VALCON, Kostas Valodimos, the managing director of EYATH Anthimos Amanatidis and the director of Strategic Planning, Projects and Development of EYATH Alexandros Mendes.


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