The sludge drying unit to be reconstructed

EYATH is proceeding with the reconstruction of the Sludge Thermal Drying Unit at the Thessaloniki Sewage Treatment Plant (SWTP), with the aim of making the sludge remaining from the treatment of Thessaloniki’s municipal wastewater of better quality in environmental terms, but also of greater efficiency when used as fertilizer on agricultural crops.

The relevant contract was signed today between EYATH and the contracting company AKTOR ATE, with a budget of €1.75 million plus VAT and a duration of 12 months. The reconstruction of the unit will ensure better operating conditions, greater safety and efficiency, but also a better product for use as a soil conditioner. At the same time, the optimal performance of the unit will enable the facility to receive and process urban sludge from other wastewater treatment facilities in neighboring areas of the Central Macedonia Region.

“We try to contribute to the circular economy through our daily business activity and the disposal of dried sludge for thermal utilization and composting is exactly in this direction. Our medium-term goal, of course, remains the reduction of the carbon footprint by 50% by 2030”, noted Anthimos Amanatidis, managing director of EYATH SA, at the signing of the contract.

Sludge thermal drying units receive quantities of dewatered sludge produced daily in sewage plants for the purpose of thermal treatment, evaporation of the water it contains and the production of a final dry product, which can be used as fuel in industries or as soil improvement material. EELTH produces an average of about 100 tons of dehydrated sludge every day, which is received by properly licensed companies for management and further utilization in the form of soil conditioner – fertilizer for application to agricultural crops. The total amount of sludge for 2021 alone amounted to 24,250 tons.

The reconstruction of the unit is part of a series of projects at EELTH and other EYATH facilities that strengthen the sustainable practices of the circular economy, with respect for the environment and always in the direction of the strategic goal of the United Nations for cheap and clean energy.


The managing director of EYATH (left) with the representative of AKTOR ATE, P. Diamantopoulos, Project Manager


From the left, Maria Petala, member of the Board of Directors. EYATH S.A., Anthimos Amanatidis, managing director of EYATH, Nopi Theodoridou, general manager, P. Diamantopoulos of AKTOR ATE and Costas Kotoulas, director of Sewage Installations EYATH S.A.


The sludge thermal drying unit at EELTH

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