The office building of Egnatia is being upgraded

The tender for the reconstruction project of the EYATH administration building in Egnatia  has been opened since today, within the strict timeframes set by the new administration for the implementation of its investment program. At the same time, the tender process for the lease of a new property is completed, which will house the company’s administrative services during the works in Egnatia.

The auction of the project for the upgrade of the building on Egnatia St. 127 (done with a bid system which includes design and construction, with a deadline of February 10, 2021) is expected to yield a model building in the center of Thessaloniki, with high energy – environmental performance and special architectural style, aesthetically upgrading the key area between the campus of AUTh, TIF and Kamara. It will be a building with almost zero energy consumption (energy class A +), will have LED lighting, facilities for the disabled, event hall, modern automation and control systems and will accommodate about 100 employees. Externally, the building’s shell will “remind” the original construction of the ’70s and will combine sandblasted glass with translucent glass movable blinds, which will provide plenty of light and sun protection at the same time. The glass exterior of the new building will be compatible with the contours of the adjacent apartment buildings, according to the architectural design. The upgrade project has an estimated budget of 5 million euros.

“The closing of 2020 finds us completely consistent in the execution schedule of our investment program, despite the unfavorable situation. We proceed exactly as we planned: we end up in a new building for temporary relocation and we prepare the renovation of the old building of the former UTH, a project that we owe to the employees but also to the people of Thessaloniki. We want to deliver a model building in the center of Thessaloniki, a project of extroversion and development, which we so much need as citizens at this time “, said the CEO of EYATH SA, Anthimos Amanatidis.

In the near future, the lease of a new property in the center of Thessaloniki will be finalized, where the administrative services of EYATH will be relocated for as long as the upgrade works of the building in Egnatia St. last. The relevant call for expressions of interest is at the stage of opening the offers. The stores for customer service in Angelaki St. and Vardari will continue to operate normally.

The emblematic office building of EYATH in Egnatia St. was erected by the then Thessaloniki Water Supply Organization (OUTH) in the period 1970-1972 on a plot of 250 sq.m. It consists of two basements, ground floor and eight floors (2,500 sq.m., total area), last maintained in 1986 and, without meeting modern energy and seismic regulations, has no access for the disabled.




The exterior of the new building will combine glass with movable blinds, reminiscent of the original construction of the ’70s

More information about the tender here

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