The “green” innovation competition of EYATH has been completed

EYATH’s innovation and entrepreneurship competition was completed with today’s award of the winning research team in the field of search for technologies for the removal of pollutant cargo from raw wastewater, with the possibility of energy use. The competition was organized in collaboration with EESYP and MITEF Greece to provide incentives to start-ups or research teams.

Specifically, the first prize of 5,000 euros (with an additional cash bonus of 1,000 euros) was received, in the context of an event at the headquarters of EYATH, the four-member research team of G. Fitianos “Envifyti”, with the most flexible and functional proposal for the needs of the installation of EYATH. On the topic “How can we remove the load of organic carbon from the untreated wastewater that enters the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Thessaloniki (EELTH) and, secondly, how can we use it energetically inside the plant”, Mr. Fitianos’ team proposed the integration of proposed technologies in the existing infrastructure of EELTH, highlighted the low investment and operating costs and took into account the spatial constraints of the installation. He also highlighted ways to utilize the recovered organic cargo for biogas production, serving the second “green” goal of this competition theme.

“This competition is part of the company’s strategic planning for gradual harmonization with the principles of the ‘Green Agreement’ of the EU. and the tightening of conditions for the collection and treatment of wastewater. Applying the principles of the circular economy and the shielding against the climate crisis runs through this strategy, as does our entire business planning. At the same time, this competition was another opportunity to highlight the work of research of teams or companies, reinforcing our city – and not only – the ecosystem of business innovation “, said the president of EYATH, Agis Papadopoulos, who coordinated the competition as a member Innovation Network of EESYP.

On behalf of MITEF Greece, its Vice President  Vassilis Papakonstantinou thanked the Innovation Network of EESYP and EYATH “for the opportunity you gave us to implement the purpose of these competitions, which is no other than to help companies like EYATH and Greek academic community, researchers, to test their skills in things that are interesting for the market “. The vice president of MITEF Greece presented the “incentive prize competitions, competitions that include a fairly well-structured problem and allow participants to find solutions”, connecting the academic environment with businesses.

George Fitianos, head of the award-winning “Envifyti” team, pointed out: “We managed, with a relatively small intervention, to be able to recover useful products and increase the energy benefit of a wastewater treatment plant.” Petros Samaras pointed out that “such projects allow us to get away from the laboratory and move on to something more applied and in fact to an issue that is ‘burning’ at the moment, the recovery of materials and energy from waste.” The other two winners, Manos Tziolas and Giannis Lemonidis, praised the importance of the circular economy, the quantification of the environmental impact and especially teamwork.

The jury of the competition included three professors of AUTh and two specialized executives of EYATH. The judges evaluated the submitted proposals taking into account criteria such as the optimal utilization of the existing infrastructure of EYATH, the low investment and operating costs, the low energy footprint and the flexibility of the proposed technologies, criteria that the company had set from the beginning.

In the first thematic-competitive field, no proposal occured that adequately addresses the challenge set -always in accordance with the criteria and expectations set by EYATH- and consequently there was no winner.



From the left, A. Amanatidis, CEO of EYATH SA, G. Lemonidis, M. Tziolas, Agis Papadopoulos, President of EYATH, G. Fitianos, P. Samaras and Costas Kotoulas, Director of Sewerage Facilities EYATH SA.


MITEF Greece members also participated in the event digitally.