The EYATH building in Touba is to be used

The approval for the completion of the unfinished, since 2005,EYATH building in Touba was given yesterday, with the signing of a contract for the drafting of tender documents for the completion of the building using the design-build method.

In particular, the contracting company will undertake the preparation of the architectural, static, electromechanical preliminary studies, the drafting of tender documents and the compilation of a complete file for the completion of the building, located on Diagoras 99 and Tiroloi St.

“The Touba building was a large project that remained unutilized for 18 years, a valuable asset but unexploited. With the signing of the contract we finally put it on the map of our assets to be exploited for the accommodation of our services and the rendering of greater financial benefit. Our goal is always the most rational operation of the company and ultimately the best service to our consumers”, points out the managing director of EYATH Anthimos Amanatidis.

“The management of our physical assets, in such a way that they are firstly available and secondly functional, safe and efficient financially, is part of the corporate culture that we have formed in the recent years at EYATH, with the aim of ensuring the viability of the company and of its infrastructure”, adds the vice president of the company, Grigoris Penelis.

The building in question, located in the 4th Municipal District of Thessaloniki, would be a laboratory and technical services building of EYATH. According to the building permit, it would be consisted of an east and west section and would be four stories high. Its western part even includes the building of the water supply pumping station that operates in the area. From the eastern building, the load-bearing structure has been completed up to the roof of the mezzanine, while from the western building, only part of the pillars of the ground floor have been constructed. The work was carried out in 2005 and since then the building has remained unfinished.

The completion of the building includes the utilization of the eastern part, which has already been built with suitable adaptations, so as to accommodate office spaces on the ground floor and mezzanine, while the first semi-basement and the second basement will be used for parking spaces and a workshop – material warehouse.

In the context of sustainable development, EYATH, after the complete renovation of its central office building on Egnatia St. , continues to invest in critical infrastructure making the most of its assets and contributing to the consolidation of macroeconomic stability in the company, always to the benefit of its consumers, employees and shareholders.


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The CEO of the contractor company CONCEPT CONSULTANTS ENGINEERS A.E. – KATSIANOU MARIA Paris Daskaloudis, left, with the managing director of EYATH during the signing of the contract



From the left, Th. Koulouris, member of the Board of Directors. EYATH S.A., the vice-president G. Penelis, the general manager N. Theodoridou, Mr. Daskaloudis, Mr. Amanatidis and the director of Strategic Planning, Projects and Development of EYATH, A. Mendes

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