The example of EYATH on wastewater and energy

The “performances” of EYATH in the energy upgrade of the wastewater treatment facilities (WTP) it operates, were presented by the company’s Sewerage Facilities manager, Kostas Kotoulas, at a DEVAL conference yesterday in Larissa. The participants discussed the issues of energy saving in the operation of biological cleanings, with the ultimate goal of converting EELs into facilities with reduced – if not zero – energy consumption.

Mr. Kotoulas presented the ongoing energy and environmental upgrade of the EELTH in Sindos, the gradual reduction of our energy footprint with the use of solar panels, the utilization of the High Efficiency Heat and Power Cogeneration unit and the adoption of innovative energy saving and energy efficiency improvement technologies of our facilities. As he also said, “we incorporate the circular economy philosophy into our business operation, with the disposal of the dried sludge produced in the Dewatered Sludge Thermal Drying Unit for thermal utilization and composting”.

The conference on “Energy analysis and optimization of the operation of wastewater treatment facilities and water supply and drainage networks in DEYA” was organized as part of the information activities of the project “Energy analysis and optimization of the operation of wastewater treatment facilities (EEL), aiming to reduce the energy footprint and the greenhouse gas emissions” (Operational Program “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation”), with partnership partners the “Water Management” research company, as the lead body, the Department of Food Technology of the International University of Greece and DEΥAL.

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