The cooperation with RAJA S.A. is getting closer

Another step to the cooperation of EYATH – RAJA S.A. it took place this week, with the visit of executives of the first to the headquarters and facilities of the Romanian water supply and sewerage company in Constanța, Romania.

Following the cooperation memorandum signed in October, the Greek delegation, led by the president and managing director of EYATH, visited the wastewater treatment facility in the north of Constanta, the automation control center (SCADA) of the Romanian company, as well as its headquarters. There were discussed issues of completing the automation of the networks, digitization of services, saving energy through the creation of photovoltaic parks, as well as issues of beneficial management of sewage sludge.

The president of RAJA S.A., Constantin Chirila, pointed out that “the RAJA team is very active, flexible and adaptable to changes. I am therefore convinced that, by joining forces, the two companies will find sustainable solutions to address energy problems and reduce water losses”. The general manager of RAJA, Aurel Presura, spoke about the challenge of climate change, the use of “green” forms of energy and the provision of even better services to citizens. “We repay the visit of our Romanian colleagues, in order to further explore the possibilities of our cooperation in areas of common interest. Under the current circumstances, the energy and climate crisis are fertile ground for cooperation between the two sides”, emphasized the president of EYATH, Agis Papadopoulos. “Our staff at EYATH has experience, expertise and high technical know-how. New synergies and outsourcing are part of our strategic planning and will enable us to improve our economic, social and environmental footprint. With RAJA we speak the same ‘language’ in the field of water and the environment”, added the managing director of EYATH SA, Anthimos Amanatidis.

It is reminded that in October EYATH signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Romanian water supply and sewerage company, in the presence of the Deputy Minister of the Interior, responsible for Macedonia – Thrace S. Kalafatis at the Governor’s Office, which foresees joint ventures for the undertaking of projects in South-Eastern Europe, the transfer of know-how, such as and joint action and initiatives on energy and the climate crisis.


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