The client archive has become digital

EYATH is taking another step in its digital transformation, with the complete digitization of its customers’ archive. The relevant agreement was signed today with the contractor company at the offices of EYATH and concerns a total of 510,000 water supply customers and 65,000 sewerage connections.

This is the digitization of all the documents and plans that constituted the paper archive of clients of EYATH SA, a process which includes individual work of material preparation, scanning, post-processing, staff training, etc. The total project will last seven months and have a budget of € 209,000.

The new system will ensure speed and flexibility in the company’s transactions with its consumers, as well as protection of their personal data from natural disasters, malicious actions and, of course, from the wear and tear of time. In fact, this digital data is expected to “click” on the new document management and mail management software of EYATH, which was recently implemented by the company for the electronic circulation of documents and the collection of signatures, now abandoning internal paper mail. In addition, the digital file produced will be documented and coded in such a way that it can be further used in the development of the company’s new information system, providing a comprehensive functionality that will ultimately give the consumer access to the entire “file” of his transactions to EYATH.

“After the implementation of an electronic document management program within the company, we are taking another step towards our complete digital transformation. We are permanently abandoning the files and portfolios for the safekeeping of our file, together with all the delays and data security issues that this entailed, and we are moving towards a new model of integrated digital service for our consumers “, pointed out the CEO of EYATH, Anthimos Amanatidis.

The contractor of the digitization project of the EYATH archive is the consortium of companies “Archive SA”. – I. Alavanos – Ch. Athanasopoulos EE”. The consortium at today’s meeting was represented by P. Argyros, president and CEO of Archive SA.


From the left, Nopi Theodoridou, general manager of EYATH SA, George Angelou, director of Digital Transformation and Informatics, Periklis Argiros, president and managing director of Archive SA, and A. Amanatidis and Agis Papadopoulos, CEO and President of EYATH respectively.