The breakdown on October 26th St. has been repaired

The restoration works on the water supply pipeline at the junction of 26th of October and Aesopou streets, in the area of the Thessaloniki courts, have been completed.

The rupture of the pipeline, which yesterday morning caused a malfunction and flooding in the area of the courts, is due to a well of a public utility organization in contact with the Φ600 pipeline of EYATH, which also supplies areas to the center-west of the Urban Development Complex with water from the springs of Aravissos . Thanks to the interconnection project of the Aliakmonas and Aravissos aqueducts, the alternative water supply of these areas became possible, with only limited local problems.

It should be noted that yesterday, due to citizens’ complaints about the stench in the area of the damage, the crew of the EYATH Sewerage Network was the first to rush to the scene, in order to rule out, as it did, the possibility of sewage leaking into the area.

With the completion of the expansion of the Water Treatment Facility in Sindos, a project already in progress, the overall upgrade of the water supply network in the area is planned for the better management of the additional available quantities of water from Aliakmonas. And this project, as well as the ongoing maintenance of the Aravissos pipeline, belong to a series of EYATH interventions that concern, on the one hand, the securing of the city’s water supply for the coming decades, and on the other hand, the securing of the water resource itself. In fact, in the same context, approximately 200-300 km of water supply network are replaced every year.