The Aravissos pipeline with a crack!

A potential fault from a 2-meter crack that gushed water was revealed by the works for the repair and maintenance of the Aravissos aqueduct in the Industrial Area of ​​Thessaloniki, which are progressing smoothly having already approached 80% of the first phase of the project.

In particular, during the excavation, a horizontal crack of 2 m was found, from which there was a leak in the upper part of the section. With minimal pressure fluctuations, it is estimated that a rupture of the cross section could have been caused. Temporary metal lashing collars were placed in the faulty point and will be followed by the complete repair of the department based on the original study, which had been prepared since 2004 by Professor Georgios Penelis and was updated in 2018 (the project was auctioned in 2019).

“The novelty of the study is that the pipeline is being repaired in full operation and thus we have the advantage of preventing very serious problems in the water supply of our consumers. The technical works, in order to be sustainable and safe, must be maintained, let alone a pipeline that has been operating continuously for about 40 years without any maintenance. We proceed quietly, carefully and methodically. With the completion of the first phase of the project, at the beginning of the summer, we believe that we will have minimized the chances that Thessaloniki will be thirsty again “, pointed out the CEO of EYATH, Anthimos Amanatidis, adding that” this is only a part of the maintenance and repair works of the water supply network of EYATH that are being implemented during this period, despite the adversities of the pandemic “.

It is reminded that the first phase of the works in the aqueduct of Aravissos concerns the heaviest part, about 800 meters long, where serious oxidations of the reinforcements have been found. The maintenance and reinforcement is done by external adhesion of carbon fiber sheets, after the pipeline has been rehabilitated.


In the photos, the point of the crack, closely and further taken, and the temporary repair of the pipeline with metal collars