Tankers: with a special mark the entrance to WTF

Only with a special identification mark will now be allowed the entry of tankers in the wastewater treatment facilities of EYATH, in order to protect human health and the environment, but also for the proper operation of the facilities themselves.

This change in the process of transport and discharge of sewage from tanks is provided in the updated Regulation for the Operation of Sewage Tank for EELTH in Sindos and “Aenea” in Angelochori, which is an annex to the new Special Sewerage Regulation (decision no. ΦΕΚ-202 ΄/ 15-09-2021) . It concerns sewage tanker owners, drivers and driver assistants, who will now have to have an approved entry signal, which will be electronically connected to a cooperating tanker registration application and an automatic control system (entry-exit bars).

An additional obligation arising from the regulation is the charge per tank with the prepaid service system. The charge will amount to 5 euros for tanks with a capacity of up to 15 tons and 7 euros for tanks with a capacity of more than 15 tons.

Interested tankers must apply for a Sewage Drainage Contract either in person (by appointment at 2310 966600) at Tsimiski St. 98 (1st floor), at the Department of Sewerage Permits, or from October 15th at: www.eyath.gr/aitisi-vytioforea.

For the required supporting documents or other information you can contact the Department of Issuance of Sewerage Connection Permits at 2310 966964 or at the email address eas@eyath.gr.

The relevant applications must be submitted by 19/11/2021, as the new system will start to be applied strictly from 25/11/2021.