Sustainability Report 2019-2020

EYATH SA publishes its first Sustainability Report for the years 2019-2020, aiming to inform the shareholders and consumers about its economic, social and environmental performance during this period.

The Sustainability Report of EYATH for the years 2019-2020 records and analyzes actions and measurements carried out in all critical indicators ESG (Environmental – Social – Governance / Environment, Society, Corporate Governance), while setting goals and commitments of the company for the future based on the environmental, social and corporate governance pillars.

The report was prepared in accordance with the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI STANDARDS), the international corporate social responsibility standard ISO 26000 and the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact.

“The stake in the post-Covid era is the phrase ‘enhance sustainability’. Human-centered, sustainable development, aiming at ensuring public health,

environmental protection and sustainability. So the first Sustainability Report that we prepared in the company is our credentials and at the same time our commitment for the future on this very orientation of sustainable development “, points out the CEO of EYATH SA, Anthimos Amanatidis.

In particular, regarding the environment, the company is committed, among other things, to increase its positive environmental footprint by licensing three photovoltaic stations under the net metering regime, as well as by substantially saving energy in infrastructure of significant energy consumption. Regarding the society, EYATH aims at the improvement of the electronic services of its customers and the operation of a new digital system of management of correspondence and documents, while implementing a wide plan of corporate social responsibility actions for the benefit of the local community and especially its vulnerable groups. Regarding corporate governance policies, the company and the Board of Directors are committed to promoting issues of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, to the implementation -in cooperation with EESYP- of a specific policy for the reporting of delinquent behaviors and acts, the fight against corruption and bribery, as well as to the review of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct posting it on the company’s website.

At the same time, EYATH implements consistently and with discipline the Strategic Development Plan 2020 – 2026, which concerns a completed investment program totaling 174 million euros. This includes upgrading, improving and expanding water and sanitation systems, providing new quantities of clean drinking water to meet existing and future needs, improving services provided and developing new ones. At the same time, the company invests in research and innovation, seeking to establish itself as a research and innovation body among water and sewerage companies nationally and internationally.

EYATH, daily provides its services to more than 1.2 million inhabitants of Thessaloniki. It is committed to continue to operate as a model of corporate governance with a high sense of corporate responsibility, creating added value for employees, shareholders and the local community, always with respect for the environment and the principles of sustainable development.

You can see the first Sustainable Development Report of EYATH here:

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