Support to social structures of the Municipality of Thessaloniki

“We are responding, as much as we can, to the unfortunately increased social demands of the period. We provide an uninterrupted supply of water, a vital element of public health in the pandemic, and provide a wide social tariff and range of facilities for vulnerable groups in our population. Our cooperation with sectors such as the Municipality of Thessaloniki, which performs such an important social work, are a real ‘investment’ for our company “, said the CEO of EYATH, Anthimos Amanatidis, delivering yesterday to the Deputy Mayor of Social Policy of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Harry Aidonopoulos, feeding orders worth 1,000 euros for the needs of social structures of the municipality.

“Any assistance in social policy and in fact from services such as EYATH is welcome. We are in a position to respond to the call for poverty and misery – in recent years, unfortunately, they have intensified in our city. We wish and hope that soon, with the cooperation of all, the country will move forward and everything will come to an end. We thank EYATH again, I wish our cooperation to be permanent and not lopsided “, pointed out Mr. Aidonopoulos. The deputy mayor was accompanied by the director of Social Protection and Public Health, Melina Spyridou and the social worker, member of the management, Aleka Partali.

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