Students “show” the way to water!

The way of water in Thessaloniki, from the springs to our glass, was presented yesterday by the president of EYATH, Professor Agis Papadopoulos, to an audience of students from five junior and senior high schools of Thessaloniki, who participated in a conference.

At the event, organized by MEP and EPP member Maria Spyraki in collaboration with the Sustainability Tutoring, students of the city were invited to submit their proposals for saving water in everyday life, with the prize of a trip to Brussels and a tour at the European Parliament.

The president of EYATH started his presentation with an equation. Showing the children a glass of water, he told them: “You here reasonably see a glass of water. But I see about 3,000 kilometers of pipelines, pumping stations, tanks and people who work every day from morning to night, so that this water reaches our glass and we do not need bottled water “. Mr. Papadopoulos then presented, with rich photographic material, all this long water route of Thessaloniki, from Lake Polyphytos and Aravissos, to the pumping stations and tanks to our fountains, thus highlighting the perspective of the people who work in a large water company such as EYATH.

In her speech, Ms. Spyraki gave data on the state of water resources worldwide, saying that two thirds of the world’s population face water shortages for at least one month a year and that more than 2 million people do not have access to safe drinking water. She also referred to the EU institutional and legislative initiatives for the protection of water resources in Europe, as well as to the initiative of the European citizens themselves “Right2Water”, who were the first to request and obtain a legislative framework for water from the European institutions. Finally, she spoke about the different uses of water and overconsumption in irrigation, as well as the unfavorable forecasts for our country until 2050 due to the climate crisis and desertification.

Interventions at the event were made by the mayor of Thessaloniki, K. Zervas, and the vice-governor for Development and Environment of the Region of Central Macedonia, K. Gioutikas. The European Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans and Fishery, Virginius Sinkevitsius, also intervened with a video message.

In the end, two winners emerged, the 1st High School of Efkarpia and the 5th High School of Neapolis, whose students will follow Maria Spyraki in Brussels on May 17th, to present their work.

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