“Smart” water meters: the competition is to be aired today

The tender for the supply and installation of 100,000 “smart” water meters in areas of the urban fabric of Thessaloniki is being launched today, marking a new era in water services in the city, with measurable results for the protection of the water balance of the region but also for the financial benefit of the consumer.

Specifically, the tender, with the object of “Supply, installation, commissioning and operation of water meters for domestic use in the active area of ​ of EYATH SA”, provides  the supply and installation of 100,000 digital water meters with an option for another 100,000.

This is about replacing part of the company’s old technology measuring equipment with new technology water meters, without moving parts (“smart” water meters). The consumer will now be able to monitor water consumption and charges at home or business, be automatically notified of any leakage and be informed of a dangerous drop in the temperature of the water meter. The choice of the water meters to be replaced – without any burden for the consumers – will be based mainly on age criteria, while factors such as connectivity, hydraulic design of the distribution networks and water management in the water supply zones will be taken into account.

The amount of the tender amounts to approximately 21.1 million euros (without VAT and options), but with the options it can rise to the amount of 49.6 million euros (without VAT). The duration of the project is set at five years from the signing of the contract, with the possibility of extension (at the option of the contracting entity) for two additional years. Only the cost of replacing the water meters will amount to 17 million euros.

The modernization of the water meters and their replacement with “smart” water meters is a “key” for the formation of the new, “smart” water supply map of Thessaloniki and will be combined with a series of other investments in projects to reorganize the water supply network of the wider Urban Complex of our city. Among other things, the main water supply zones of the reservoirs will be redefined, new zones will be created for the new reservoirs that will be built, and equipment and monitoring devices will be installed for the operation of the facilities. In this way, unbilled water will be further reduced and an additional water resource will be saved. At the same time, smart water meters, in addition to optimal water management, will also contribute to achieving great energy savings, since e.g. the pumping stations will consume energy based on their actual needs.

“The installation of smart water meters serves the main objectives of our Strategic and Operational Plan for the water supply system, which is its modernization, the optimal calculation of the water balance, the targeted reduction of non-reimbursing water and, of course, the improvement of services that we provide to our consumers”, pointed out the managing director of EYATH, Anthimos Amanatidis. “The Internet of Things, in addition to the practical benefits for the consumer, gives us the opportunity for strategic planning, statistical data collection and above all the preservation of the natural resource in the midst of the climate crisis. EYATH is today turning a new page in Thessaloniki’s water supply services, with technology and the high expertise of its employees as a vehicle”, added Mr. Amanatidis.

In order to reach today’s competition, there was a long preparatory work (since 2011) that included the creation of an automatic water consumption measurement system application, the implementation of the “Smart Water” research project (funded by the General Secretariat of Research and Technology), the hydraulic simulation of EYATH’s aqueducts and the division of the network into control sub-zones (District Metering Areas – DMA’s), the collaboration with AUTH for the systematic measurement of the water consumption of the University Campus, the project of remote reading management and remote control (SCADA) of the water supply, as well as the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation with DEDDIE.