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  • Simple check, in case of debiting to your account more than a fixed fee (€ 8.00 for a water meter Φ13). Also, for not right, damaged or stopped water meters (control cost € 7.06)
  • Laboratory test for the correct operation of your water meter (test cost € 28.23)

The charge will be made to your next bill.

If the laboratory test shows that the water meter is not working properly, we reimburse the cost of the laboratory test, the water meter is replaced and an account is reconfigured. Otherwise you pay the already charged price for water consumption.

We do not check for leaks. Consult a private plumber as the investigation and repair is the sole responsibility of you.

Our Company can contact you at the email address or phone number you have stated.

If you request a water meter check, it is a prerequisite that you are responsible for the water collection (the water bill is issued in your name) and that your water meter only supplies your property {One (1) supply}.


  1. Recent E9 if you are a property owner or a lease if you are a tenant.
  2. Copy of ID

    Replacement Meter Application Form

    We would like to inform you that your email will be used to send your bill electronically.

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