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  • Simple check, in case of debiting to your account more than a fixed fee (€ 8.00 for a water meter Φ13). Also, for not right, damaged or stopped water meters (control cost € 7.06)
  • Laboratory test for the correct operation of your water meter (test cost € 28.23)

For all other cases:

If your increased consumption is during the summer period, it may be justified.
We do not check for leaks. Consult a private plumber as the checking and repair is the sole responsibility of you.

Indicatively, cases of excessive consumption are reported for checking and treatment-repair by the private plumber in addition to the obvious leak:

  1. Existence of a third supply – apart from the cold and hot supply- that may have been installed during the construction of the building (in order to use a shared laundry or to install a shared tank on the roof).
  2. Check connections of washing machines and dishwashers, water heaters, solar panels, etc.
  3. Check for the existence of a second flow-spiral after the hydrometer

Our Company can contact you at the email address or phone number you have stated.

If you request a water meter check, it is a prerequisite that you are responsible for the water collection (the water bill is issued in your name) and that your water meter only supplies your property {One (1) supply}.


  1. Recent E9 if you are a property owner or a lease if you are a tenant.
  2. Copy of ID

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    We would like to inform you that your email will be used to send your bill electronically.

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