Reduction of losses with 50,000 new water meters

EYATH is proceeding with the procurement and installation of 50,000 high-precision water meters, in order to replace old, inadequate water meters and to reduce the company’s water footprint by reducing losses in treated water.

In the relevant contract, signed today at the headquarters of EYATH, it is planned to replace 50,000 tachometric-type water meters with new, volumetric-type ones, based on age and without any charge to consumers. Their replacement, after a number of years, will improve the accuracy of consumption recording and, above all, will contribute drastically to the reduction of unbilled, treated water losses. The new water meters will be installed mainly in Pylaia, Oreokastro, Pefka and Efkarpia, areas which had “passed” under the jurisdiction of the Greek Water Authority, keeping their old, tachometric type water meters. At the same time, suitable infrastructure will be installed for future integration into a wireless reading system and safety switches with a telescopic device will be installed.

“Our company has set itself the goal of reducing its water footprint by 20% by 2030. Within three years we specifically reduced non-billed water from 32% to 27.2%. The gradual replacement, after many years, of the old type of water meters with new, high-precision ones, serves – to the extent that it is appropriate – the goal of preserving the water resource of our region, saves productive time for the company and capital for consumers, which are sometimes burdened by leaks in their internal networks”, pointed out the managing director of EYATH, Anthimos Amanatidis.

It should be noted that the tender for the supply and installation of 100,000 “smart”, digital water meters with an option for another 100,000 is also underway.

This is about replacing part of the company’s old technology measuring equipment with new technology water meters, without moving parts (“smart” water meters). The consumer will now be able to monitor water consumption and charges at home or business, be automatically notified of any leakage and be informed of a dangerous drop in the temperature of the water meter.

From the left, Thanasis Vacharidis, managing director of THITA-FI ATEE and legal representative of the THITA-FI – KAFSIS Association, Thodoris Kaskanis, managing director of KAFSIS, A. Amanatidis, managing director of EYATH SA, Dimitris Foufeas, representative of the “Olympios Group of Companies”, which owns THITA-FI, with the general manager of EYATH SA, Nopi Theodoridou.