Recommendations and guidelines for coronavirus

EYATH recommends to process only urgent cases for its consumers to avoid as much physical presence in the company’s offices as possible in the event of emergency measures to limit the spread of coronavirus. Also, for accounts with expiration date of March 30th, they can be extended by one month.
EYATH, for the protection of consumers and its employees, recommends the electronic payment of bills through its web site without charge or payment via e-banking. In any case, consumer access to the company’s offices is strictly controlled to avoid overcrowding and regular disinfection of the premises.
Specific measures are also taken to protect workers in the workplace, while taking advantage of all the means provided by legislation (special licenses, the disabled, flexible working hours, etc.) and technology (teleworking) to combat the spread of the virus.
EYATH, in cooperation with the authorities, is adapting its business plan daily, ensuring in every case the smooth operation of its facilities for the benefit of public health.

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