PCM-EYATH memorandum for studies of anti-flood projects

The preparation of studies for the anti-flood protection of three central, “red” areas of Thessaloniki, which have been severely affected in recent years by even moderate rainfall, is undertaken by EYATH, as part of a memorandum of strategic cooperation signed today with the Prefecture of Central Macedonia at the offices of the latter.

According to the memorandum, which was signed by the Deputy Regional Governor for Infrastructure and Networks Paris Billias, on behalf of the PCK, the areas for which a redesign of the rainwater networks is planned, due to the inadequacy of the existing anti-flood infrastructure, are: the area of National Defense – Lefkos Pirgos, the port area and the Thessaloniki Courthouse, as well as the underground passage at Agion Panton Street. EYATH will undertake the drawing up of studies, with a full record of the existing situation, drafting of a technical object and calculation of the cost of implementing the necessary projects. PCM intends to undertake the financing of these projects, as well as the remuneration of EYATH.

In the area of Ethnikis Aminis- Lefkos Pirgos are occurring severe flooding incidents, especially in its lower parts, due to the inadequacy of the rainwater network in the higher areas (Evangelistria, Saranda Ekklisies, Ano Poli, etc.). The problems in the area of the 26th of October and by extension in the port are mainly due to the inadequacy of the existing network and the fencing of the port, which prevents the flow of water. In the underground passage of Agion Panton, the reconstruction of the existing wells is required and possibly the construction of additional water collection grates and their connection to the storm drain.

“We are joining forces as the Prefecture of Central Macedonia with EYATH SA, to solve problems that have been plaguing the center of Thessaloniki for years. Our goal is to shield the Urban Complex from flooding phenomena which, due to climate change, are particularly frequent and severe. We give the possibility to EYATH S.A. to implement life-saving anti-flood interventions in three parts of Thessaloniki, which flood every time there is heavy rain. The directive from the Regional Governor of Central Macedonia, Apostolos Tzitzikostas, is clear: we join forces, because only with cooperation can problems be solved, we provide immediate and effective solutions that improve the daily life of citizens”, pointed out the Deputy Regional Governor for Infrastructure and Networks. “The anti-flood shielding of Thessaloniki and the Region is an absolute priority of its administration, which is why we are completing anti-flood protection projects in a total of 19 urban centers in our region”, concluded Mr. Billias.

“The anti-flood protection of Thessaloniki includes projects of national priority, as was seen from the recently updated Master Plan of anti-flood projects. We have all compared our city to…Venice, something unacceptable under climate crisis conditions. With this memorandum, we start with three basic ‘red’ areas, record problems, provide technical solutions, plan projects to be implemented and calculate costs on behalf of PCM. At EYATH, we have both the know-how and the specialized staff for this job,” noted the company’s managing director, Anthimos Amanatidis.

In recent years, EYATH S.A., through programmatic contracts with PCM, has been carrying out works to improve and restore the availability of flood protection infrastructure. The durability of the infrastructures, the protection of the citizens themselves and their properties and, finally, the improvement of the quality of life of the people of Thessaloniki is a common, non-negotiable goal of the two sides.


A. Amanatidis and P. Billias (right) during the signing of the memorandum


From the left, Yannis Papadopoulos, deputy head of the Department of Maintenance of Environmental Structures, Christos Traganos, director of Sewerage Networks EYATH SA, George Christoglou, deputy head of the Construction Department of Environmental Structures, Nopi Theodoridou, general manager of EYATH SA, the deputy regional governor, Mr. Amanatidis and Alexandros Mendes, director of Strategic Planning, Projects and Development of EYATH.


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