You can receive online alerts that your bill has been issued. Fill out a written application form at EYATH’s offices (6 Aggelaki St.) or submit an online application for “Online Bill Alerts” and attach proof of your ID Card No and Tax Reg. No.
As a Tax Reg. No. proof, you may attach any taxis document, which states your Name, Surname, Tax office, VAT, without showing any financial and property information.

    Online Bill Alerts

    Where and how do I payPayments / Debts

    Bills can be paid

    • At all Masoutis supermarkets (Diamantis Masoutis S.A.) (except Attica and Andros) at no additional cost.
    • At the Hellenic Post offices and agencies in the Greater Thessaloniki Area and at any Hellenic Post office nationwide.
    • At OPAP agencies and authorised OPAP agencies which are members of the Hellenic Association of Professional Lottery Agents (SEPPP) displaying the SEPPP logo (which can register payments online, issue receipts and update EYATH online that payment has been made).
    • At all banks using the electronic payment code, by debiting your bank account
    • Online via the EYATH website or any bank web banking service using the online payment code.
    • By standing order (given to the bank you collaborate with), if the bill has not expired.

    E-paymentsPayments / Debts

    You can pay your bill up to the expiry date using your credit card via the EYATH online payments system. If using the system for the first time, follow the “Register as new user” process.

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    Adjust of due debtsPayments / Debts

    Settle your outstanding debts to EYATH by filing an application to join a debt repayment scheme.

    You need to be the billpayer or be authorised by the billpayer.

    For more information and the submission of the application click here.

    Discount in case of leakageTariff Information

    Check the plumbing in your home regularly (taps, toilets, baths, etc.) That will help you avoid wasting water unnecessarily. Wasted water can push your bill up. If there is a leak, EYATH S.A. can offer a discount if the customer requests an inspection, which costs € 7.06, or submits a lawful receipt from a plumber that the leak has been repaired. Inspection applications can be submitted to EYATH’s offices at 6 Aggelaki St. or the EYATH branch at 26 26th Oktovriou St.

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