On Sunday, the connection of the two aqueducts

The second major infrastructure project to complete the connection of the Aliakmonas – Aravissos aqueducts for alternative water supply to the historic center of Thessaloniki will be completed on Sunday 1st December. This project, part of the broader EYATH investment and development plan, now ensures optimal management of the available water quantities and, consequently, the improvement of the daily life of Thessaloniki residents.

During the work to be done at the intersection of Agios Nestoros and Lagadas streets, the Φ500 steel section will be connected to an existing Φ1400 steel pipeline, which “comes” from the Thessaloniki Water Treatment Plant (EETH) supplying the city with water from the river Aliakmonas. In this way, the center of Thessaloniki will now have the option of water supply from Aliakmonas and EINTH, except for Aravissos, which was its only water supplier until now, providing the additional solutions that the city had needed for many years. .

Water storage in tanks and proper handling by EYATH crews prior to the commencement of the main works, sufficient quantities of water will be saved so that the water interruption for such a large project to be limited in the early hours of Sunday 1/12 / 2019 until early in the afternoon of the same day. Areas that are expected to be affected are Kalamaria, Pylea and Panorama.

In any case, the company’s crews will make every effort to complete the work as soon as possible, which is expected to give a breath to the water supply system of the Town Planning Group. Our consumers can be informed about the progress of the project and the water supply schedule on our website www.eyath.gr or call our call center 11124.



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