On line debt settlement

From September 1st, consumers will be able to submit electronically their requests for the settlement of their debts to the company, which until now was processed only in person at the offices of EYATH and concerned a large part of the physical transactions, along with the bill payments.

“With the electronic settlements and the electronic transfers of water rights, which started immediately after the quarantine, we now cover online most of the transactions that until now brought people to our offices. We can now avoid waiting in our stores, protecting our employees and consumers “, points out the CEO of EYATH, Anthimos Amanatidis.

“We kindly request, our consumers to enter our website (https://www.eyath.gr/pliromes-ofeiles/#) and to be informed about the electronic payments – especially the payments concern 70% and more of the visits to our offices in Aggelaki St. . For reasons of public health and in accordance with the recommendations of the State, on line transactions are the safest and the fastest ones “, adds Mr. Amanatidis.

It should be noted that consumers can also apply electronically through the website of EYATH for: transfer of water rights, return of guarantee, professional or industrial invoice, bill notifications, replacement of hydrometer and registration of hydrometer reading. There are also forms for updating water intake details and, of course, for general communication with the company.

It is reminded that bills can be paid on the company’s website (free of charge, up to one month after expiration date), by e-banking or by regular bank order. By physical presence, bills are paid at more than 500 points throughout Thessaloniki and, apart from the ATMs of the banks:

  • at all the stores of “DIAMANTIS MASOUTIS SA” in cash, with no extra charge (up to one month after expiration date).
  • at the branches and offices of ELTA (up to one month after the expiration date).
  • at all OPAP stores.

For inquiries or recording of requests, consumers can also call 2310 966600 (11124 only for declaration of damages).

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