New e-services on MyEyathPortal

EYATH is launching a new package of electronic services for the remote and asynchronous service of its consumers through TAXIS, with the online portal MyEyathPortal which has already been put into operation.

It is about the creation of an individual electronic file for each consumer, which enables remote service with an improved experience of interaction and communication, personalized information, the possibility for modern electronic payments and all this under the “umbrella” of authentication of TAXIS, so that to reduce bureaucracy by presenting fewer supporting documents. The services are already available from mobile devices, while the corresponding mobile application will soon be available.

In the first phase, the consumer can update his water withdrawal cards, pay his bill and access the history of payments that have already been made through any channel (cash register, portal, bank, supermarket, etc.). It can also have access to all its tabs/services, with additional information available such as connection tariff (social, professional, industrial or residential), connection status (normal, under removal, under cancellation), consumption measurements and bills. The consumer also has access to informational material, consumption statistics, bills that are about to expire, water meters that are about to be removed or canceled due to debts, while they will also be informed about debt settlement proposals and receive reminders for upcoming appointments.

In the new portal, one can declare all water supply and sewerage failures, monitor the progress of their declarations, have access to the history of all of them and of course see the water supply interruptions (planned – emergency) that “run” in the Urban Planning Complex. Through the portal, requests to stop and transfer water abstraction can also be submitted, a choice can be made of how to send a bill (electronically, on paper or both), while additional requests/services will be gradually added and removed, at the same time, from the relevant list on the EYATH website .


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