The Management of EYATH SA, pursuant to the provisions of paragraph of the Athens Stock Exchange Regulations, announces that, according to no. 576/2019 decision of the Board of Directors, a new Corporate Structure with take effect from the beginning of January 2020.

In particular:

  • The creation of General Division of Installations & Operation of Water Supply and Sewerage Networks
  • The creation of independent Operating Divisions of Networks and Installations in the water and sewerage sectors.
  • The creation of Digital Transformation Division.
  • Project Management Division is enhanced by taking on the responsibility of strategic planning and company development.
  • A Compliance and Risk & Crisis Management Unit is created with direct reporting to the Chief Executive Officer.

With these changes, EYATH SA, the second largest water and sewerage network management company in the country, transforms organizationally and modernizes its management model so that it can respond to the demanding work of a publicly owned company that manages a public good – the element of life, water and which, however, must also function as a modern listed company.

Narkisos Georgiadis, Chief Executive Officer: “Our new structure makes it more efficient and flexible, aiming to ensure a successful transition to water and wastewater management of the future by implementing a sustainable, environmentally and consumer driven development strategy.”

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