How do I log in to MyEyathPortal?

You connect to και

enter your codes of TAXISNET, or

choose to continue as a “guest”.


What are my options if I log in?

Log in as a guest

You can make a payment by entering the RF code, report a fault or be informed about water supply interruptions. When you are logged in as a guest, your actions are not saved in your history.

Login with TAXISNET codes (authenticated user)

By authenticating you to the system using TAXISNET codes, additional functionality is provided to the system. More specifically you can:

  1. You update your tabs/connections through the Confirm, Deny, Claim processes from the Connections->Pending menu. We suggest you start by confirming/updating your links so you can access all 2, 3, 6 and 8 below.
  2. View all confirmed connections with access to individual items e.g. connection invoice (social, professional, industrial, residential), connection status (normal, under deduction, under cancellation), consumption history, accounts, settlements, other debts, payments.
  3. Submit requests online. At that time, they are available requests to cancel, transfer and choose the method of sending the bill
  4. You have access to the history of your requests, information on the progress of the status of these requests, as well as information on any necessary actions of yours required for their successful processing.
  5. Complete online debit or credit card payments and installments and track your payment history (through all channels such as payment on our offices, website, bank, etc.).
  6. View more data and details that are of interest to you, such as consumption statistics for confirmed connections, etc.
  7. Report water and sewerage faults and be informed of their progress, as well as access the history of your reports.
  8. Be informed about scheduled and emergency water supply interruptions by region.


Why should I log in with Taxisnet codes?

In order to be able to certify your identity without the obligation on your part to provide us with proof of VAT number and ID number, which was done until now. The process for you is simplified and in addition, the history of all your actions is kept in your MyEyathPortal account, which you can access at any time (eg payment history, damage reports, requests, etc.).


Are my Taxisnet passwords stored in the portal?

Your passwords are not stored anywhere in the system.


What is the difference between MyEyathPortal and the existing EYATH website?

The EYATH website functions as an information website for citizens. However, the electronic customer service will gradually be done exclusively through the MyEyathPortal in order for the customers to be authenticated through taxisnet, allowing the automation of their service as much as possible. Initially, the applications for updating, transferring, canceling and choosing the method of sending an account will be available from the portal, and gradually all applications will be integrated. The application for registering cash indications, the application for closing electronic appointments, etc. will be gradually integrated. The payment functionality will be available simultaneously on both MyEyathPortal and our website for a short period of time. Notifications and fault reporting will now be done exclusively by MyEyathPortal.

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