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If your water meter is damaged or stolen you can apply for a replacement using the replacement meter application form. You will need to pay an amount towards the replacement meter. It will depend on the diameter of the meter being replaced. You can learn about this over the phone or at points of service. That amount will be added to the next bill.

Please replace by water meter for the reasons set out in the form. I recognise that the replacement charge will be added to my next bill.

To submit the form and start the replacement procedure, please attach proof of your ID Card No. and Tax reg. No.
As a Tax Reg. No. proof, you may attach any taxis document, which states your Name, Surname, Tax office, VAT, without showing any financial and property information.

Replacement Meter Application Form

We would like to inform you that your email will be used to send your bill electronically.

You can find your water meter in the special water meter area in your building, using the water meter number printed on your bill.

To read the water meter, open the lid and check for the reading inside the black and red frame. The black frame shows the number of m3 consumed and the red one the number of litres consumed. For example the photograph above shows a water meter with a reading of 60 m3 and 360 lt.

In order to submit your meter readings, click here.

Consumption is calculated every 4 months by deducting the previous meter reading from the latest one.

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