MoU with the Municipality of Thermaikos for water supply

The framework of cooperation between EYATH and the Municipality of Thermaikos for the future integration of the latter in the zone of exclusive responsibility of the company, with integrated water supply and sewerage services, was set today with the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between the two sides, at Thermaikos town hall.

The two sides, based on the memorandum, will prepare a strategic plan with individual actions in the water supply sector of the Municipality of Thermaikos, while the current state of the existing water supply system will be recorded (boreholes, springs, installations, quantity and quality of water, number and type of water meters, damages per year, etc.), as well as predicting future water demand based on the planned extensions of the city plans. EYATH will contribute valuable know-how in the fields of design, study, construction, management and operation of water supply systems and will prepare the studies of the necessary water transfer projects to the facilities of the Municipality of Thermaikos, utilizing the municipality’s contribution to infrastructure and their studies of upgrade.

“Our company implements a large investment program in the period 2020 – 2026 to strengthen its infrastructure, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a metropolitan Thessaloniki more sustainable and more resilient to the climate crisis. Part of this goal is the supply of safe, healthy water to areas that do not have good quality water, such as the Municipality of Thermaikos. The highlight of our investment program, the expansion of the Thessaloniki Water Treatment Plant, will give us exactly this opportunity to expand our area of ​​responsibility. “With today’s agreement, we are laying the foundations for this development”, pointed out the CEO of EYATH SA, Anthimos Amanatidis.

The mayor of Thermaikos, George Tsamaslis, pointed out that “we want a modern city, where the activity of our citizens, domestic, rural, tourist, industrial, but also the technological development – development of THESS INTEC will coexist and can be expanded. The ‘key’ is water and from the first day as an administration we set the goal of the cooperation of the Municipality of Thermaikos with EYATH SA and we succeeded. ”

EYATH was represented, apart from its managing director, by its president Agis Papadopoulos, Sofia Amanatidou, member of the Board, and the legal advisor Nikolaos Stergiopoulos. From the Municipality of Thermaikos, apart from the mayor, present were the general secretary of the Municipality Konstantia – Anastasia Kasapi, the president of DEYA Thermaikos Giannis Vogiatzis and the head of the Technical Services Department of DEYA Thermaikos, Nikoletta Ouzgouroglou.


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