Memorandum of cooperation for water in Mygdonia

A solution to the chronic problem with water quality faced by the residents of Drymos, Liti and Melissochori of the Municipality of Oreokastro is to be given after today’s signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between EYATH SA, Municipality of Oreokastro and Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company (Oreoka).
The administration of EYATH was found this morning at the city hall of Oreocastro for the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation. The Memorandum was signed by the Mayor of Oreokastro, Pantelis Tsakiris, and the CEO of EYATH SA, Anthimos Amanatidis, in the presence of Theodoros Koulouris, executive member of the Board. EYATH SA, Nopi Theodoridou, General Manager EYATH SA, and Alexandros Mende, Director of Strategic Planning, Projects and Development EYATH SA
The Memorandum of Cooperation between EYATH SA, Municipality of Oreokastro and DEYAO includes a series of projects related to the internal and external water supply network of Oreokastro, projects which on the one hand will improve the services provided to the central municipality covering its current and future needs and, on the other hand, they will finally supply new areas, Drymos, Liti and Melissochori, with high quality drinking water. In this way, the chronic problem of water quality in the Municipal Unit of Mygdonia will be solved.
Specifically, four new reservoirs with a total capacity of 7,200 km, five depressurized water pipelines of approximately 9.5 km in length and a gravitational pressure pipeline of 1.8 km in length will be constructed, along with a number of other smaller connection projects of the individual water supply facilities. At the same time, a new internal network will be constructed in the Community of Oreokastro, approximately 80 km long, based on the altitude differences and the pressure requirements of the houses per area. The project budget is estimated at 12 million euros.

“It is important that the management of EYATH SA was found today in Oreokastro, here at the City Hall, to strengthen our cooperation with the signing of a Memorandum and finally to give a solution to the chronic problem that our citizens face in Drymos,Liti and Melissochori with water quality “, he stressed during his signing Memorandum by the Mayor of Oreokastro, Pantelis Tsakiris. “We work closely with the EYATH Administration”, added the Mayor, “on issues related to the improvement of water supply in the Municipality of Oreokastro. In this context, we discussed in detail the projects worth 12 million euros, which the company plans to implement in the area, with the aim of our citizens to enjoy high quality services and mainly clean and safe water.

“It is our commitment to continuously improve the services provided to our consumers. It is also our commitment and social responsibility, as long as water is available, to continue to expand to areas that have suffered for years from poor water quality. The expansion works of the Water Treatment Plant, which will begin in 2022, together with a series of projects we plan in the Municipality of Oreokastro will provide a solution to chronic water supply problems in the area and will change the quality of life of its inhabitants. “Our know-how and well-trained human resources are our strongest tools”, pointed out the CEO of EYATH SA, Anthimos Amanatidis during the signing of the memorandum.



From the left, A. Amanatidis, N. Theodoridou, P. Tsakiris, A. Mentes and T. Koulouris

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