In Polichni, the cause of the “noise”

Within a radius of 2 kilometers from Meteora, it seems that the cause of the noise that has lately been disturbing the residents of Meteora of the municipality of Pavlos Mela is being identified.

The company’s crews have been investigating the matter since last Friday, when they were informed by relevant publications. During the morning hours today, teams with specialized scientific personnel carried out inspections and tests in networks and installations at a distance of 5 km from the point of noise intensity in Meteora, to find out that a mechanism in a tank of Polichni was causing an impact phenomenon, which due to coordination and to the relief of the area carried the sound 2 km away!

It should be noted that there was no technical issue or issue of age in the tank, and no noise was heard during its operation. EYATH will continue the tests in the installation in the following days, in order to make sure that this was the source of the noise at night in Meteora.