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The Customer Charter sets out the services provided by EYATH S.A. and the procedure for compensating customers if the company does not comply with the obligations and commitments set out in Articles 3 and 4 hereof.
This Charter was prepared in light of EYATH’s public benefit mission and is proof of its endeavours to constantly improve the services provided to consumers and is also the starting point of a series of measures which will help it provide better quality, more effective and faster services.


The terms below in this Charter shall have the following definitions:
1.    Consumer
Any individual or legal entity to whom EYATH S.A. provides services.
2.    Sewerage and water supply network connection conditions (water intake regulation).
Submission of necessary paperwork, payment of the customer’s contribution towards expenses and the carrying out of works by the consumer which may be required.
3.    Working days
Days on which the company’s offices are open (Monday to Friday inclusive).
4.    Working time
The period from 07:00 to 14:30 hours when offices are open. Financial transactions can be entered into between the hours of 7:30 and 14:00.
5.    Appointment (as agreed)
The company’s competent officer and the consumer agree to meet at a specific time and place.

Obligations undertaken

1.    To attend appointments which have been arranged.

Applies to appointments arranged within3 working days
Applies to appointments shorter than3 hours


2.    Responding to written requests – complaints

When no investigation or on-site visits are required10 working days
When an investigation or on-site visit is required15 working days
When more than one Division is involved or a decision of EYATH S.A.’s Board of Directors is required30 working days


3.    Returning amounts that were wrongly paid

Bills paid twice1 working day
Discounts due to obvious – hidden leaks45 working days
Discounts for the poor45 working days
Other amounts wrongly paid20 working days

(These deadlines run from the date on which a written application is submitted, provided all the necessary paperwork has also been submitted).


4.    Interventions to return water supply pipelines to normal working order

Leaks in connections5 working days
Blocked water meters3 working days
Leaks in pipes with a 0.05 m diameter (Φ 50 branch lines) and 0.08 to 0.2 m (Φ 80 to Φ 200 distribution pipes)1 working day


5.    Interventions to repair blocked sewerage pipelines

Using a special tanker truck
(1)    If reported during working hours
(2)    If reported at any other time of the day
4 hours
12 hours
Local excavation of the road when it cannot be repaired using the special tanker truck24 hours

(The latter deadline runs from the moment EYATH S.A. obtains the necessary permits to excavate, road traffic police permits, etc.)


6.    New water supplies

When there is a network in front of the property and there are no building materials impeding construction work on the branch line, after the relevant excavation permits and updates have been issued30 working days
If there is no network in front of the property and a network extension is needed, after the relevant excavation permits and updates have been issued90 working days
Relocating water meters (and establishing final connection to water network for the property).10 working days
Installing water meters (when the space is open and a sign with the consumer’s name and installation location has been provided)5 working days


7.    Connecting properties to the sewerage network

When there is a network in front of the property and there are no building materials impeding construction work on the branch line, after the relevant excavation permits and updates have been issued90 working days
 If there is no network in front of the property and a pipeline needs to be built at the behest of the applicant and with a financial contribution from him
(1)    Conditions and costs notified to applicant
(2)    Construction of works after relevant excavation permits and updates have been issued
20 working days
90 working days


8.    Cutting off water supply because of debts – reconnecting the supply

Removal of water meter due to debts over € 75150 working days
Turning off connection to pipeline due to debts over € 75 if the water meter cannot be removed180 working days
Reinstalling water meter removed because of debts5 working days
Restoring water supply which was turned off due to debts90 working days



On-site inspection of water meter upon request40 working days



Replacement of water meter following an application10 working days



Checking water meter at EYATH S.A.’s labs20 working days



Reinstalling a water meter removed because of refusal to pay, once payment has been made2 working days


Deadline for paying water bills (runs from date of issue)30 working days

(apart from connections which are temporarily suspended or where water supply has been turned off, where the word ‘EXPIRED’ will appear instead of the expiry date. In that case consumers must visit EYATH S.A.’s head offices to settle the matter).

14.    Discounts
a. Certain customers can be given discounts under Article 29(1.1) (large consumption levels due to faults with indoor plumbing facilities), Article 29(1.2) (underground leaks which are not visible) and Article 29(1.3) (unusually high charges for consumers unable to make payment which is demonstrated by a certificate from the social welfare services).

b. Large families and persons receiving water via group water meters enjoy a 50% discount on water charges.

15.    Water bills can be paid in instalments
in exceptional cases (e.g. exceptionally high bills, proven financial difficulties, etc.)

Commitments made

1.    Where any of the above obligations are not complied with within the deadlines specified, EYATH S.A. undertakes to pay consumers who did not receive appropriate service € 15 as compensation, as a sign of its intention to operate as a reliable organisation that operates conscientiously relying on the skills of its staff.
2.    If the delay exceeds (a) half and (b) twice the deadlines, the amount will rise to € 30 and € 45 accordingly.

Terms and Conditions

1.    All the aforementioned deadlines are expressed in terms of working days and hours, namely days and hours when EYATH S.A.’s departments are open for business.
2.    Deadlines run from the working day after the day on which written requests are received by the Company’s protocol office. Applications can be made directly at that office or sent by mail. In the cases of Article 3(4) and (5), consumers can make oral requests or can call the relevant department but must give their name and details and in that case the deadline will run from the time at which notice was given.
3.    Written replies can be omitted when (a) the request – complaint is dealt with within the deadline and (b) the applicant is notified by phone within that deadline and he states that notice over the phone is sufficient.
4.    All information relating to this Charter will be obtained from data held by EYATH S.A. unless overturned by data available to the applicant.
5.    In order for compensation to be paid:
a.  A written application form must be submitted by the consumer who did not receive service in time, within a period of 30 days from the end of the period within which he ought to have been served.
b.  The property involved must be lawfully connected to the EYATH S.A. networks.
6.    If the application is considered to be well-founded, compensation will be paid following a decision of the Company’s Management Board or by crediting the amount to the water bill issued in the applicant’s name or in cash, at the company’s discretion.
7.    Compensation can only be paid once for any specific incident.

Dispute Resolution Procedure

1.    If there are disputes between consumers and the competent departments of EYATH S.A. concerning compliance with the terms of this Charter, the issue will be referred to the company’s Management Board. The consumer concerned or his/her representative can attend the meeting.
2.    If the Management Board cannot reach a solution, the issue will be referred to the Company’s Board of Directors.
3.    If the Board of Directors cannot provide a solution, the consumer can seek recourse to the Consumers Committee established pursuant to Article 13 of Law 2251/1994 (Government Gazette 191/A/16.11.1994).


EYATH S.A. will not be bound by this Charter in the following sort of cases:
•    Force majeure or emergencies such as strikes, bad weather conditions, etc.
•    Inability to access the property or the area where the consumer is, due to his fault or due to other barriers
•    Cases where its departments are not responsible for intervening or resolving the problem
•    Acts which are contrary to the applicable provisions of law
•    Cases where the consumer is at fault or refuses to assist or cooperate
•    Cases where its actions are dependent on the acts of other bodies such as the Planning Office, the local government authority or the forest authority, among others.
•    Requests which are clearly illegal, vague, unsuitable, unsubstantiated or repeated in an abuse of process.

This Charter is limited to the obligations assumed hereunder and does not relate to any other actions of EYATH S.A.

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