Information Set / UpdateI want to set / update my information

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If you want to provide or update contact details and other information relating to the EYATH S.A. bill, please fill out and submit the form below, attaching documentary proof of your Tax Reg. No. and ID Card No.
As a Tax Reg. No. proof, you may attach any taxis document, which states your Name, Surname, Tax office, VAT, without showing any financial and property information.

Identification Data

Information declared/updated

Utility TransferI want to set / update my information

For utility transfer you need to visit the Company’s offices at 6 Aggelaki St. or the branch at 26 26th Oktovriou St. located opposite the courts, and submit the following supporting documents:

  • The final purchase agreement for the property (or parental grant) or valid lease (obtained from the TAXISNET system)
  • Applicant’s ID Card, Tax Reg. No., Tax office details
  • Last paid water bill
  • € 100 guarantee
  • Photograph of the water meter to enable latest meter readings to be billed

How to get your guarantee back

After water supply is cut off or transferred you can submit an application to the Protocol Department to have the guarantee returned.

See the application form, for the guarantee return, here.


Make sure that the billpayer is the actual user. Otherwise the accumulated debts are payable by the owners of the properties.

Moreover, under the EYATH S.A. Water Intake Regulation, if ownership of a property is transferred, the new owner must pay any previous debts for water bills for the property connected to the network, if the water supply to it has been turned off.

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