How to be protected from frost

In view of the worsening of the weather in the coming days, according to the forecasts of the meteorological service, EYATH consumers are advised to check the water meters and taps on their balconies, to see if they are working properly or have leaks, if they are protected from the cold. Also, check their external piping and make sure to insulate them as well, especially if they are completely “exposed” to frost.

It is also advisable to confirm to consumers that the switches of their internal water supply networks open and close normally and that the gutters on their balconies and terraces are free of leaves and debris.

More information on general protection from frost is available on the website of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection (

Finally, it is reminded that the damages concerning EYATH (the company is responsible for damages up to the point of connection of the main pipelines with the private networks of the buildings) are declared via phone contact at 11124 and electronically at

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