High dividend and new activities

The evolution of EYATH into a modern DEKO with expanded activities, which “monitor” the key issues of the environment and energy saving, was ratified with its decisions by today’s Annual Regular General Meeting, deciding an additional dividend distribution of 0.2186 euros per share for the use of 2021.

In particular, today’s G.S. approved amendments to the company’s articles of association to harmonize it with the requirements of the legislative framework, as well as the addition of new activities. The latter are related to: the construction, installation, operation and exploitation of electricity and thermal energy production units, the acquisition and trading of electricity produced by wind turbines, photovoltaic stations or other renewable energy sources, the research and exploitation of geothermal energy, the processing of marine or brackish water, for the purpose of desalination and marketing of drinking water or for the purpose of irrigation, and finally the management, recycling and composting of solid and liquid waste as well as biomass.

“We are opening our step for the next day, adapting to the new era, as it is obvious that our societies and economies are changing at a rapid pace. Our aim is, within this uncertain business environment, to continue our work for a city with durable infrastructures emphasizing the principles of corporate governance and sustainable development”, pointed out the president of EYATH, Agis Papadopoulos.

“We try to constantly improve our services, to follow the good practices of modern business, with transparent procedures and socially-environmentally aware management. At the same time, we are interested in presenting stable budgets with high dividend yields for the benefit of the shareholders, in order to ensure the company’s growth perspective”, added the managing director of EYATH SA, Anthimos Amanatidis.

At the same time, G.S. approved the annual financial report of EYATH and the consolidated financial statements of the Group, as well as the management reports of the Board of Directors and the independent certified auditor-accountant for the year 2021. It also approved the overall management of the Board of Directors and released the auditors from any responsibility for the deeds of the previous management year. Similarly, it approved the fees and compensations paid to the members of the Board of Directors during the 2021 fiscal year, in accordance with the company’s remuneration policy and remuneration report, approved the recommendation of the company’s Audit Committee for the appointment of a statutory auditor during the 2021 fiscal year and approved its remuneration.

Also, the revision of the remuneration policy was approved and the election to the Board of Directors was announced of D. Konstantakopoulos as a non-executive member (after the resignation of G. Satlas). Permission was granted to the members of the Board of Directors and company executives to participate in boards of directors or in the management of other affiliated companies (in accordance with International Accounting Standard 24) and, finally, the composition of the company’s Audit Committee was reaffirmed.

The supervising Deputy Minister of the Interior, responsible for Macedonia-Thrace issues, S. Kalafatis, was represented by Theofylaktos Papadopoulos, Deputy Head of the General Directorate YMA-Th.

The ex-dividend date was set for Wednesday, September 14, 2022.


From the left, the Finance Director of EYATH SA, D. Alexandris, the president Agis Papadopoulos and the managing director Anthimos Amanatidis.

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