High dividend and investments

The current Annual Ordinal General Meeting of the shareholders of EYATH SA, which took place at the company’s headquarters, decided to distribute a dividend of 0.268 euros per share.

“Some people are wondering what EESYP serves and with what criteria it makes decisions. The answer is simple. The mission of EESYP, which operates in the public interest, is to have and develop knowledge and tools that increase the value and improve the efficiency of its subsidiaries in an essential way: 1. By ensuring the economic viability of public enterprises, its transparency and social accountability in their management, 2. By improving the services and goods they provide, in terms of quality, financial accessibility and accessibility to all, 3. Through the contribution of infrastructure and networks managed by large public utility companies of the EESYP portfolio for economic development, innovation and transition to a new sustainable development model, 4. Finally, through the establishment of a stable institutional framework that will be positively established in the consciousness of society as a whole and will promote consultation with all the interested parties “, stressed the CEO of EESYP, Rania Ekaterinari, who attended the meeting.

“After a period of testing for global business, we are implementing our basic investment plan. The major project of repairing the Aravissos pipeline has already started in early June and is progressing rapidly. At the same time, the maintenance works of the water supply pipelines are in progress as well as the completion of the sewerage network in the area of ​​K16, while for the expansion of the Thessaloniki Water Treatment Plant the tender procedure is in progress “, pointed out the CEO of EYATH SA. , Anthimos Amanatidis. “This year marks a significant milestone, as the health crisis has overshadowed economic life. Immediate adaptation and response to new conditions highlights a well-organized management and operation mechanism. The company is adapting to the new data, with social sensitivity and implementing its digital transformation. In addition, it seeks high financial figures and further development “, stressed Mr. Amanatidis.

“Our digital and energy transformation, especially after the event of the pandemic, is becoming a major priority for our company. So moving to an e-business model with a reduced environmental footprint and, at the same time, ensuring more water for the Urban Complex, through the expansion of our refinery, are our main business goals. Our goal over time remains the upgrade of the quality of life in Thessaloniki, the improvement of the daily life of the people of Thessaloniki “, added the chairman of EYATH, Agis Papadopoulos.

The General Assembly approved the corporate and consolidated annual financial statements, the management reports of the Board of Directors and the certified auditors for the fiscal year 2019. It also approved the overall management of the Board of Directors and relieved auditors of any liability for the actions of the previous management.

It also approved the fees and compensations paid to the members of the Board during the corporate year of 2019 (remained at the levels of 2018), ratified the proposal of the Audit Committee of the company for the appointment of certified auditors during the year 2020, approved their fees, while giving permission to the members of the Board and the executives of the company to participate in boards of directors or in the management of subsidiaries of the group (according to the International Accounting Standard 24).

Finally, the election of two members – representatives of the employees of the Board of Directors of the company was approved. They are Georgios Archontopoulos and Ioannis Mitzias.

The dividend cut date was set for Thursday, July 9th, 2020.


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