GIS know-how to the municipality of Naoussa

Transfer of know-how from EYATH for the digital transformation of the water supply and sewerage services of the Municipality of Hiroiki Poli Naoussa, provides the memorandum of cooperation (MoU) signed between the two sides at the company’s headquarters in Egnatia St. . The Municipality of Naoussa was represented by the mayor of the city, Nikolas Karanikolas.

The aim of the cooperation is, with the support of EYATH, to develop in the Municipality of Naoussa a functional, efficient Geographic Information System (GIS), which will automate the management of water supply and sewerage networks and facilities, will cover current and future business needs of the municipality and, ultimately, will provide faster and cheaper services for the benefit of citizens.

As another “investment in extroversion, after our participation in the tender for the construction of the Havria dam, in Chalkidiki”, characterized the cooperation with the Municipality of Naoussa, the CEO of EYATH, Anthimos Amanatidis. “We are moving forward in our development planning with steady steps, despite the adversities, we ’emerge’ in economic and social terms of reciprocity. We will therefore be happy to work with DEYAN, in order to move from the traditional, empirical management of its networks to the universal digital management, using GIS information systems. We have the necessary know-how, with international distinction in this field “, added Mr. Amanatidis.

The mayor of Naoussa, Nikolas Karanikolas, on his part pointed out: “We signed with EYATH an important program contract for cooperation and transfer of know-how. It is known that in recent years EYATH has invested significantly in the development of new technologies in systems for monitoring and managing the necessary information for its work. Respectively, DEYAN is in a period of development of such technologies “. “As communication, extroversion and cooperation are the pillars of the development and sharing of knowledge, I appreciate and look forward to a ‘lively’ and constructive cooperation, which will bring multiple benefits to DEYAN in terms of improving its work, with the aim of better serving the citizens of Naoussa “, added Mr. Karanikolas, who was accompanied during the signing of the memorandum by the president of the Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Naoussa (DEYAN), Georgios Tasionas.

The support services to the Municipality of Naoussa include first the recording of the existing GIS infrastructure, the recording of the management and service needs and then the provision of consulting services to the employees of DEYAN -both in the technical and business object-, but also the implementation of specific parts of the GIS infrastructure project.

It should be noted that EYATH has a long experience in technologies and infrastructures of integrated network management through Geographic Information Systems (GIS), while it recently successfully completed the first phase of creating a register of assets of EYATH Fixed Assets. The GIS of EYATH SA has been awarded the “Special Achievement in GIS Award” at the ESRI World User Conference.