For the girls of “Melissa”

About their girls, their problems, concerns and dreams for the continuation of their lives beyond and outside the institution, the vice-president of the “Melissa” Orphanage for Girls, Theofano Papazisi, informed the management of EYATH yesterday, on Women’s Day.

In a meeting that was almost symbolic due to the day, the administration of EYATH handed over to Mrs. Papazisi gift vouchers worth approximately 1,500 euros, in order to cover even a minimum part of the needs of the institution and its 20 food workers, all girls, in the sensitive teenage years and of puberty. The vice-president of “Melissa” informed the management of the company about the developments in the institution, the new institutional framework and its requirements, as well as about the needs for funding and personnel.

The gift vouchers were handed over to “Melissa” by the managing director of EYATH, Anthimos Amanatidis, the president Agis Papadopoulos and the vice president Grigoris Penelis.

“Melissa” was founded in 1921 and offers shelter and care to girls who come from an unsuitable family environment. Her perennial goal is to raise awareness among people by promoting volunteerism in all areas and to strengthen the institution of independent living after her children reach adulthood.

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